Privacy Policy

The exclusive owner of your data and information is duly committed to protect and secure the privacy of its customers as its utmost top priority. In this Privacy Policy, Themightyodo meticulously elaborates the following:

  • How Themightyodo gathers, uses, shares and processes your information?
  • When Themightyodo gathers, uses, shares and processes your information?
  • Why Themightyodo gather, uses, shares and processes your information?
  • How you can practice your rights and alternatives linked with the relevant information.

Themightyodo’s whole team truly respects and acknowledges its customer’s privacy and will not disclose your information to any third party except upon your consent. 

Use of Information:

Collection of your personal information: 

Any information that is used to identify you or is relevant to you is your personal information such as your name, email address, contact number, location address and payment account number. Under the privacy policy of Themightyodo, only this information is considered as personal information. It should be noted that this personal information excludes any other irrelevant data that no longer supports us to connect with you or to identify you. 

While using our website, our site requests you to provide us your personal information. So, we collect the following personal information when you visit our website:

  • Personal information that you provide to us by your consent.
  • Automatically generated address information when you explore our site.
  • The personal information that has been sent by your consent from other sources, such as, third party, or any organization. 

Personal Information by your consent: 

Account Registration:

While exploring our site, we request our customers to register with us. Hence, after registration we collect the following pieces of information: 

  • Name
  • Email address 
  • Account details such Payment card number
  • Contact number
  • Shipping Addresses

 Moreover, we track your order record by some other certain details you provide to us.

Any payments that we may receive while you place your order on our site are processed by third-party payment processors. We do not collect or store any payment card information through our Site at first hand. Only the billing information associated with your payment card would be demanded.

Communicating our Visitors: 

When someone visits our Themightyodo’s site and requests information about our products or register with us for our newsletter or ask for customer support, then we can collect personal information from you such as your email address, contact number and shipping address. 

Participating in Surveys: 

Themightyodo asks its user to participate in surveys. These Surveys may be conducted for increasing the performance of Themightyodo for its customers. In these surveys, we may ask you about your personal information and details.


Themightyodo can ask for your personal information when you leave a review on our Site to represent it publicly.

Sharing Social Media Content:

Themightyodo can share social media content with its users such as blogs, articles, social media pages regarding the business setup of Themightyodo. Any personal information you provide us by engaging in those contents will be noted down by Themightyodo.

Individuals or Third Parties:

Themightyodo can collect your personal information by third parties or with our affiliated potential partners if you access Themightyodo through them.

Automatically Generated Personal Information: 

We can gather the following automatically generated information when you explore our website. 

  • Internet protocol (IP) address 
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) 
  • User settings 
  • MAC address
  • Pages viewed 
  • Cookie identifiers 
  • Mobile carrier 
  • Mobile advertising 
  • All details about your browser and device including unique identifiers, duration and frequency of visits, and location information (including approximate location derived from IP address).
  • Track your order history 

We observe your activity on our site, including information about your dwell time on our site page, tabs of the Site you visit, and other usage data.


With the purpose of saving your time and tracking your record, Themightyodo uses cookies. If you register with Themightyodo, it requests its customers to accept cookies. A small automatically generated file will be sent to your computer in order to store into your computer’s hard drive. Whenever you revisit our site, our site will remember your sign in email address and will help you to swiftly proceed through your account. Moreover, cookies help to keep track of your site’s activity record. However, other third parties on the site such as advertising companies may use their own cookies and have their own privacy policy and we are not responsible for them. There are some following types of cookies used by Themightyodo to deliver its services properly.

  • Strict and Secure Cookies:

Themightyodo offer these cookies in order to secure its user. Accepting these cookies enables its user to use Themightyodo’s services. Otherwise, some services will be unavailable, if you don’t accept these cookies. These cookies are not purposed to collect information for marketing. In fact this is the only category of Cookies that enable and helps Themightyodo’s site to work better and they cannot be disabled.

  • Functional Cookies:

For the Sole purpose of tracking your activity on the site and to remember your selected products, Themightyodo uses these functional cookies. We use them to tailor our services in the best and most effective way we can deliver to our user, hence we have to remember the name and preferences of our user. Please note down that these cookies are not meant for marketing you and these cookies can be disabled.

  • Performance and Analytics based Cookies:

For the Sole purpose of optimizing our services for better results to users, we use these performance and analytics based cookies. We usually keep track of your site’s activity including the links you click and exploring tabs of the site. These cookies are not for marketing purposes. And, it can be disabled.

  • Advertising and Targeting Cookies:

As demonstrated by its name, these cookies are meant for advertising. These enhance the user’s site experience by eliminating any disruption caused by repetitive ads or the proper display of advertisements for user’s interest based. These cookies are more commonly used by third party advertising partners and these cookies can be disabled.  

Collection of Information from other sources:

Themightyodo can have access to your information from other sources such as third party organization and services. Such as if you login to our site through a third- party source, i.e. social media apps other login services, we can retain and process your information from that third party source.

Marketing and Communication From us:

If you register to our site Themightyodo, and successfully make some of the purchases from our online jewelry store, Themightyodo regularly updates its customers about its latest products and services. The online medium can be via email, contact number or through post. if you log in through a third party service, we regularly send you updates through that third party source. This is the free service Themightyodo provides to all its members and customers.

If you have no consent to be presented with communication and marketing updates directly from us or through some selected third party source, you can log-in to your account on the site and you can unsubscribe our services.

However, to explain it meticulously and in the context of communicating and marketing, Themightyodo utilizes your information for following purposes:

  • Assisting you with technical support.
  • Answering customer’s requests.
  • Updating you about your account, activities on the site.
  • Communicating you about changes in the Company’s policy.
  • Exercise our duties to efficiently fulfill your placed order and update you about your status.
  • Conducting activities for the purpose of improving the quality of our products and services. 
  • With the help of our third parties sources, processing and verifying your payment card information.
  • Assisting you with advertising and marketing services.
  • In order to improve Themightyodo network legitimately and access zero fraud prevention, analyzing and reviewing the site and services.
  • Pointing out all the fraudulent, deceptive, illegal activities along with parties involved in it.
  • Enhancing our Research and Development sector via thoroughly analyzing all of our products, services, procedures and processes, our performance and efficiency
  • Authenticity and approval of your identity
  • Improving internal quality check and safety
  • Conducting through continuous audit for internal check control

Sharing and disclosing your information:

Though Themightyodo takes great care of its customer’s privacy and sets it as its utmost priority to protect and secure its customer’s data. But for the following certain reasons, the company has to disclose information.

Legal Notification:

When there is a legal order from court in the context of legal judicial proceeding, Themightyodo is obligated to serve in its good books by disclosing your personal information upon court order.

Accumulated Non-personally identifiable information:

Themightyodo shares the accumulated non-personally identifiable information such as demographic with its partners and teams associated with the company’s working. This is minimum security risk involved in this sharing because no one is personally identifiable.

Service Providers:

In the context of legitimate proceeding of our business, we may disclose your personal information to our third party service providers. Our third party service providers include our website’s hosting team, IT team, Payment processing team, customer service team and other people within our site who assists us to process your order. All the personal information that we may disclose to our members is just for the sole purpose of performing business function. 

Affiliate Companies:

 In the context of fulfilling administrative purposes, we may disclose your information to our affiliate companies such as the IT management team, site support providers.  

Advertising Partners:

In the context of improving and maintaining the quality of its products and services along with the purpose of increasing our sales, Themightyodo may hire third party advertisers that will not only keep track record of your sites activity and browsers information but also share and combine this non-personally identifiable demographic information with our advertising partners. Our advertising partners may only use this information for the purpose of delivering the best of our services.

International Data Transfers:

Themightyodo have taken necessary steps and provisions to save its users personal information including its third party providers but all the personal information processed by Themightyodo can be transferred, used or stored anywhere in the world which may have data protection laws differs from our country. So, international data transfers cannot be prevented.

Data Retention:

Themightyodo, as per the privacy policy can retain your data and personal information for as long as it needs to. In the context of legal obligation such as if it is required by applicable laws, we have to retain your personal data to solve disputes or to practice our policies.

All the online information will be kept safe online electronically in company’s data records. For the Sole purpose of maintaining our customer service and to prevent fraudulent activities, we retain the data and information with us. Site and Services usage data will also be kept retained for internal audit purposes. For the effective functionality of our site and to improve and sustain the security, we are legally allowed to keep data for longer periods.


Disclosure in Context of Merger, Sale, Asset Transfers:

As legitimated by law or contract, Themightyodo will thoroughly discloses your information if following events takes place:

  • Merger with other company
  • Sale of the company
  • Any Asset of Super Limo transfers to another party
  • Stock sale acquisition
  • Bankruptcy
  • Purchase and sale of assets
  • Financing due persistence
  • Change in setup and control

Choices and Rights:

Themightyodo always notified its customer when any of the personal information has been disclosed to our third party services. We give an option to our customers whether they want to proceed, to give their consent and informed choice to share their information.

Updating your personal or Account information: 

Themightyodo gives access to its customers to update and upgrade their accounts information as well as their personal information.

Email Marketing:

Themightyodo gives a choice to its customers whether to proceed with the marketing and communication services of our company or to unsubscribe it. We are forcing our customers to take part in our company’s promotional activities. 

Restrict Cookies:

Themightyodo gives you a choice to not accept cookies if you are not willing to accept them. It can also be done by changing the settings of your browser and adjusting your device permits. However, if you may not accept our site’s cookies, the site will be unable to respond automatically to your account. when you log into. 

Third Party Advertising:

On Themightyodo’s site, some advertisements other than Themightyodo may pop up on the site, these are the third party advertisements. If you click on one of the ads, Themightyodo will not be responsible, because they can be self-regulatory and have their own privacy policies. 

Accession and Correction of Personal Information:

Themightyodo gives you the right to ask and correct or modify your personal information in context of legitimate interest. The customer can even ask for a separate electronic copy of their personal information for correction or confirmation.

Request for Deletion Of Account:

Themightyodo gives you the right to request for the deletion of the account if you don’t want to proceed further with the company. 

Restriction of Personal Information to Third Parties:

Themightyodo gives you a right of withdrawing your consent of sharing your personal information to third parties. 


Themightyodo actively takes care of its customer’s personal information. We protect our user’s information at any cost both off-line and online. It is Themightyodo utmost top priority.

Themightyodo is using the best and most effective encryption software, when the user enters any of their sensitive information, such as Payment card number, the entered information is encrypted immediately and secured with Themightyodo’s encryption software SSL.

However, Themightyodo recommends its user to be safe and secure while entering passwords or sensitive information on the site. Do not disclose your username and password to another person or third party without a solid reason. 

Moreover, if you find some flaw or facing some difficulty in context of Supelumo’s security, you are free to contact us and let us know about it. We will appreciate your communication. We must notify you in this regard that in off-line contact such as if you post us a hard mail, Themightyodo may take time to respond because of distance and delivery time.

While Themightyodo uses SSL encryption software online, it protects your information offline as well. All the user’s information is limited to Themightyodo offices only. Only those employees and third parties have access to the user’s information who are performing their job in context of your order processing and delivery. Moreover, the information is being stored in a healthy and secure environment in servers.   

Children Protection:

Themightyodo is committed to exercise parental control and to protect the privacy of children. Persons under the age of 13 are not recommended to use this site. Because they are not authorized for sharing their personal information. In any case, if you know that the provided information to us is of a child’s, please let us know so that we can delete that personal information and terminate the child’s registered account.

Contact us:

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us and let us know. Themightyodo respects and appreciates its customers and user’s suggestions and opinions.

Effective Date:

This privacy policy is effective and updated on Aug 12, 2021.

Note: Please visit our section ’terms and conditions’. And get to know more about our policies regarding the governance of website’s use, disclaimers, limitation in liabilities and many more.