How Packze Cookie Box Packaging compares with all the Leading Brands

The global market of packaging was rated for 589.9 billion dollars in 2015, and hopefully will reach the figure of 805.4 billion dollars by 2021. Packaging demand is constantly increasing due to change in consumption habits and pandemic situation due to COVID-19 has also give a tendency to use safe, hygienic and strong packaging. Our eating style has accommodated according to the new standards of eating and living through packaging. Nowadays people demand the three basic qualities in packaging, especially when we talk about unique food packaging solution, hence these are ease of use, convenience and easy to handle to transport and ship. And the marketers also look towards that packaging which has longer shelf life.

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Packze and other Packaging Companies in the World 2021


Packze is a vast and emerging packaging company which provides the best packaging solutions, it has a huge variety of packaging like from strong to flexible according to customers need. They provide packaging boxes in food and beverage, medical, cosmetics, gift, gaming etc. Packze was founded in 2021 at Pandelela, Wyoming, USA. Packze is currently providing its services in USA and Canada but we will soon reach the entire globe to serve the whole world. Packze have advance printing machines along with our great designing team which will help you in making a great design beyond your expectations. Packze makes cardboard boxes which are completely eco-friendly, means they are bio-degradable and can be decompose easily and hence can be recycled. They have 24/7 customer support service to help you out in any trouble. And the delivery time is 6 to 12 working days to reach your doorstep. They provide best custom packaging boxes of all kinds and designs according to your style, design, shape and size.


Amcor is a packaging company, which provides a number of packaging types, like they provide firm and flexible and intermediate all kind of packaging in food, cosmetic and medical boxes etc. It has Australian roots and have a huge impact on global market. Amcor is Multinational company which provides you all kinds of packaging in paper/cardboard. They make eco-friendly packaging, which means it is decomposable, hence giving no harm to environment. Amcor gives you packaging of any shape, design and size.


Ball industries gives you special metal packaging in food, drinks and home products etc. They have commercial customers both local and government. The corporation was founded in 1880, and they have a broad network in which over 15000 employs work worldwide. The company also trade on New York Stock Exchange Market having a ticker symbol of BLL. Ball provides all kinds of cans, like from beverage to food and pants to chemical, all type of products can fit in these packaging of metal.


Mondi is an international company especially for paper packaging, having employs over 25000 in 30 countries around the globe. They operate in Russia, Europe, North America and South Africa currently and willing grow it further. Mondi company is highly involved in Packaging and paper production, managing forests and producing pulp for the paper also produce compound plastic for the development and progress of packaging industry thus providing packaging solutions for customers.


The company is leading in glass container packaging, they are expert in crafting sustainable, pure and for the brand exposure through glass packaging. Owens Illinois provides it glass packaging services for food and beverages companies mostly. They give the highly quality glass packaging for wine, beer, soda drinks, spirits, food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics etc.

Berry Plastics

Berry Plastics is a packaging company which has a huge contribution in product innovation and development and strategic growth. The company is located in Evansville Indiana, they are working worldwide and is a multi-billion-dollar corporation and it is more of a consulting company which provides Packaging protection solutions. They give proper consultant due to the experience of many years with the help of experts present in their respective field. Berry Plastics have successfully helped a lot of companies, which are multinational nowadays due to their precise and accurate advice.


Rexam is a global leading company, which provides beverage metal can manufacturing services in the four main areas as North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East. They make metal cans for all kind of drinks and beverage for many multinational brands across the globe. Rexam have good infrastructure for manufacturing of metal cans, they have many branches in many countries. They make good quality sheets from which the cans made. Rexam make cans for many types of beverages like wine, alcoholic, non-alcoholic, soda drinks, spirits, tequila shot and food cans also made, and there is vast variety of foods you can pack inside these metal cans to preserve food.

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