Best six ways which can enhance Custom-made Boxes with logo Productivity

In the present era of empowered consumerism, the significance of customization in a brand promotion or band marketing cannot be eliminated at any cost. Customization has made people’s life easy in such a way that it gives a choice to people whether they want to add chocolate syrup on the ice cream or they want to eat it without chocolate syrup. To gain competitive advantages, this strategy is increasingly pursued by almost every company. It is being surveyed today a high degree of customization is facilitated in all segments of the industry. 

custom printed boxes

  • Regardless of what season of the year it is, the customization enables a business to be relevant. It is a matter of the fact that most business tycoon set their companies apart from their packing. In today’s world, what matters is packing. It tries to build a consistent image and reinforce the positive impact of product ownership. Here is the thing which you should notice that selling a product in plain packing and selling a product in custom made box with a logo, it makes simple clear that if you do not care about your product packaging, you don’t care about your product too. Logos and custom-made boxes reinforce a brand, not what you purchased. It gives recognition to the brand even before the product. The logo and custom-made box will enable them to recall the memory which is associated with the product they initially bought. 
  • Customized packaging helps to increase brand loyalty and brings more customer attention towards the product hence productivity is obvious. This also elevates customer loyalty and engages attention towards the product. It is also shown through surveys that customers are more engaged to a company that sells products in customized boxes; it has also boasted sales and productivity. Brands try to raise loyalty by using personalized boxes for their products. 
  • By customized boxes, you also assure that no extra space is going to waste. Furthermore, you are also saving money by not spending on wasted material or space for standard boxes. Customer satisfaction is expected to increase if the product is packed in a box that is made for that particular product and the product looks fit in that box. This can only be achieved if the product is packed in a custom-made box. 
  • Customized packaging boxes with the logo also help to differentiate the different products. Your band logo on customized boxes also determines your product uniqueness with many other same types of the product. Also, it is found that people are willing to pay 20% more on the well-packed product. 
  • Customized packaging boxes also offer solid construction plus durability, ensuring that the product reaches to the customer safely and sound and also it satisfies the customer too. Which means more sale and customer loyalty with your brand will help to increase productivity. 
  • When a package arrives in a well-made custom box, it will have a very positive impact on your product in the customer’s mind. If they have a unique shopping experience from start to end, then it will create a memory in their mind which they will be able to share with their family and friend. now ending this on a quote that “first impression is your last impression “ and this can be only made by well-made customized boxes

Where to buy Custom Cereal Boxes

Cereals are one of the healthy and best meals for breakfast to give your day a good start-up and are loved all over the world, particularly in the USA. People of every age love cereal, especially kids. The cereals are healthy and nutritious to give you energy that lasts all day long. To get all of the nutrients and organic meals of your day you must consume them fresh and clean. For that purpose, well designed, strong and physically agile custom cereal boxes needed to last longer during transportation and its shelf life. Packaging maintains the quality of the product as it was during manufacturing till it’s in your dish. As we know that food will decompose if left unattended, packaging is a must in food manufacturing. These Custom cereal boxes play their crucial role in preserving your product from spoilage. We use good quality paper to ensure the safety and quality of your product. The material we use in packaging is durable enough to endure its outside environment by preventing moisture, heat, spoilage and the packaging is air tight therefore the package will remain healthy and safe to consume. The packaging procedure is in such a way that first the cereals are packed in a plastic bag and after they are packed individually in cereal boxes to make them fresh and edible for a longer period of time. Packaging is not only important for the product to preserve but also for marketing and branding your brand. Because before making a decision to buy first they have a look at your product where again packaging plays a crucial role. We give your packaging high-end graphical designs and the typography is as important here and definitely the logo is also very important in the packaging. Pictures and graphics writing matters a lot due to the fact that it’s eye-catching for the customer and looks appetizing by making it look adaptive on the retail store shelves, hence you make more sales and grow your business. We provide all the information about the product and your brand to give the user brief and crucial information.

cereal boxes

People love cereals for their daily routine start a huge consumption result in huge production of cereal. Cereals manufacturers are facing difficulties in finding the right packaging to provide their customer cereals in fresh and healthy form as they are during manufacturing. Keeping that issue in mind custom cereal boxes is the best way to cope with concern. Packze is one of the top leading packaging companies located in USA to give fine quality packaging along with free shipping. We make top quality recyclable paper cardboard packaging to keep our environment safe and sound for our upcoming generations and make our motherland a healthy and safe place to live. So, you can play your role for saving nature by not just wasting them rather making them reusable. We are working on packaging materials which are going to be more protective and will have a minimum impact on our environment. After purchasing your product from the retail store, he will either cook it all at once or he may consume it every day in a cereal box container therefore for that purpose our packaging is reusable if the customer wants to reuse it again.

Advance Printing

Custom cereal boxes play an important role in protecting and marketing the new cereal brands just like yours. Speaking of marketing, printing and designing is crucial for achieving high sales goals. Cereal boxes not only protect the product by keeping it fresh but also an advertising tool. Packze Has high-end printing machines which ensures the premium quality printing. We have many color models to choose from to give you excellent printing quality. We print in CYMK and PMS color models which are used by many brands nowadays. We give you free designing by experts in this field but on the other hand we don’t compromise upon printing excellence.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Saving the earth from harmful factors is the duty of every manufacturing company. Packze does also follow in preserving the land by making the packaging eco-friendly. We produce high quality packaging boxes that can be easily recycled and manufactured. These boxes are made with 100% recyclable materials and can be recycled and re-used for packaging again but we use high quality paper. This packaging is decomposable which means it will not be hazardous to the environment.

Quick Turnaround Time

We care about our time and our customers’ time, as we all know time is money so it must be utilized wisely. Therefore, we provide the custom packaging cereal boxes within 6 to 12 working days all across the United States of America and Canada. Our Highly trained shipping staff keep track of every order and make its way towards its destination on time. Saving time is one of our top priorities.

Free shipping

Packze is a packaging company which provides its services to many big brands. We give our services with free shipping all across the United States of America and Canada. Currently we are working in these two countries but we are working with hope of reaching the entire globe.

Customer Care Services

Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. One of the secrets of a good business is the relation of the business to their customer. And we highly take care of our customers by listening to their problems and finding a better and reliable solution to that particular problem. Our services are available 24/7 to help you in your business. You can either contact us through our live chat support or call our customer care call center where our CRO (Customer Relation Officers) will have your queries and problems and find out a good solution.

Extreme Aide How to Find More Client Utilizing Chocolate Boxes

A portion of the chocolate organizations are dependent on their position to keep the clients on top of it. However, new chocolate makers think that it is difficult to win the consideration of a bigger pool of interest groups. With a consistently expanding adoration for chocolates for utilization and giving purposes, you ought to be aware of chocolate packaging wholesale boxes. Consider carrying an oddity to their plan to interest each taste bud of purchasers. The supernatural encounters through the unpacking additionally give help with interfacing possible customers at a passionate level. Here are the plan thoughts for the cases to convey such uncommon encounters.

Chocolate Boxes

Monochromatic Plan:

In case you are attempting to hold onto the responsiveness of planned customers, nothing is superior to monochromatic box planning. Space in monochromatic shading plans into the plan of your chocolate packaging . Such plans are best for making your chocolate unique on the lookout. They give a clue to the crowd that your sweet edibles are restricted release. The clients, thus, will in general make imprudent buys from your image. In this plan idea, varieties of a solitary tone are made. You can get any shade coordinating with your image character to make a monochromatic shading plan. Allow us to say that you have chosen red as your base tone. You can add white to create pink and dark to deliver maroon. Eventually, you would have a monochromatic shading plan of red, pink, and maroon.

Bring Balance:

A fine plan to make durable impressions is to acquire the balance between your chocolate bar and custom chocolate unique packaging . Remember the impact on your chocolate bars and attempt to acquire that the case configuration also. To make progress, you can go for emblazoning or c the container precisely as per the item impression. Prior to going for emblazoned or debossed plans, it is appropriate to consider the material from which the container is made of. Ensure that the material is straightforward cardboard, as it gives you adaptability while making raised and squeezed plans. You can present shading variety in the decorated and debossed plans also. A brilliant emblazoning or debossing functions admirably in making the genuine impression of your chocolate bar in the clients’ psyches.

Vintage-Roused Plan:

We all have some nostalgic recollections related with eating a bar of chocolate in adolescence. The clients are no exemption, and they additionally have exceptional recollections of appreciating chocolate. Print some retro-themed examples or plans on your custom chocolate unique packaging wholesale. It would return the crowd to the extraordinary snapshots of their lives and trigger their passionate opinions. To get motivation for these examples, you can find support from the web. You can discover hundreds and thousands of vintage-roused chocolate box plans there. You would discover a ton of similitudes between them which is the reason it isn’t shrewd to follow the plan idea indiscriminately. Simply take motivation from the plan you like and concoct your own packaging style.

Commendable Unpacking:

The select thing that never goes off the pattern is the important unpacking. The clients anticipate that the chocolate manufacturers should stagger them with a special and imaginative unpacking experience. Satisfy their hopes by presenting a sleeve in your bundles. Numerous chocolate packaging discount organizations additionally offer boxes having a sleeve and inside the plate. The unique thing about this crate style is that it uncovers the sweet things in an entrancing way. The plate containing the items slides all around of the sleeve to alter the unpacking experience of the interest group. Little embellishments inside as lustrous or matte appearance likewise go far in making critical impressions. The clients feel that they are eliminating the layers of fervor while unpacking the sweet edibles.

Acquire Humor:

Adding humor to the plan of chocolate packaging is another good thought. For this kind of plan idea, you ought to intensely depend on the inventiveness of your brain. The silly components will assist you with snaring the consideration of forthcoming customers towards your offers. It is at last useful for improving deals than your partners that sell a similar item as you. While infusing humor, you may have various thoughts in your brain. It is prescribed to go through every one of them and pick the best one that objectives the limit of your client base. Eating chocolate consistently gives significant encounters. You can take these encounters to a higher level with a smidgen of humor that would likewise go about as your image review.

Moderate Methodology:

Moderation is the new standard of the world. Everything going from a business site to the garments we wear depends on moderation today. Proceed with the pattern of moderate look and feel to your cases too. The pattern of mixing your bundles with everything is a distant memory now. Today,

When individuals see a container overflowed with an excessive number of visuals, they never allow it another glance. Try not to assault your container with intricacy factors and attempt to work on things for the crowd. On the off chance that various shadings are not a need, embrace a solitary shading approach for your bundles. Similarly, go for perfect and clear graphical depictions to all the more likely locations of the possible customers. Such a methodology will in general feature your chocolate image as something extravagant. Individuals are then affected to address premium costs for your chocolate bars.

Chocolate boxes permit you to get somewhat audacious and attempt distinctive plan thoughts to intrigue the clients. Infusion of a smidgen of humor and retro subjects are truly fine approaches to convey solid impressions. Making invigorating unpacking and evenness between the item and box additionally helps catch greatest notice.

Initial feeling of your specially designed Boxes is the final remaining one

In the past times, packaging was extremely restricted because of its accessibility fit as a fiddle, plan, and size. Nowadays it is a fundamental piece of any business that makers items. It is essential for safe stockpiling, conveyances, and alluring introductions. In such manner, specially crafted boxes are ideal answers for secure an enormous client base. Organizations can alter them as per their packaging necessities. They come in different sizes, shapes, and plans as per various qualities of items. Because of their accessibility in exceptional appearances, they can put positive effects in regards to buying on your intended interest group.

 Specially designed packaging Boxes

Marked packaging is effective:

Marked boxes are shown to be compelling with regards to getting client steadfastness. Unique compelling packaging isn’t only with regards to the item and its taking care of. It additionally intends to mirror the brand picture before the crowd. Custom boxes permit a business to utilize them as special instruments. Brands all around the item fabricating markets are using them for fast advancement. They are printing these bundles with their marking components like a trademark, slogan, brand logo, and rationale. To put it plainly, these arrangements give custom choices to a brand proprietor so he can customize it as per his business. Clients consistently go for purchasing from a spot that is notable and self-depicting. Furthermore, because of these adjustable arrangements, brands can get the inclinations and contemplations of their intended interest groups.

Tones trigger feelings:

Tones can be the greatest apparatuses in selling things and get the friendship of clients. There are concentrates on present that show that up to 90% of choice that clients make is a direct result of the shade of item packaging. Quality Custom packaging boxes give alternatives to brands that they can go with a wide range of shading designs while printing them. Brain science of shadings shows that various tones have various properties that can differently affect the psyche of the crowd. For example, red tone can be powerful in invigorating the psyche and heart. Also, the yellow tone affects nerves and is useful in quieting the body. Custom bundles give printing capacities that permit clients to go for any tone and example that they like. Thus, utilize these containers and play with the psyche of their intended interest group by using extraordinary shading plans.

Successful for client commitment:

Commitment is a significant factor to cover while introducing showcases of items. On the off chance that your item packaging has commitment ascribes, it very well may be intriguing for the client. Getting the interest of the buyer is one of the most significant parts of selling an item. Custom bundles are giving different alternatives as far as commitment. Brands can print content, inspire words, citations, and subtleties of presenting on these crates. These sorts of subtleties disclose to the crowd that what they will get when they get associated with the brand. With drawing in boxes, brands can make enthusiastic and effective relations among clients and brand names. These are the things that are absent in old dull bundles. It is a result of adjustable packaging that connecting with crowds has become simple for organizations.

Need of differentiation:

Each client will in general go for an item that isn’t extremely normal around the market. In the event that you at any point go through the hypothesis of uniqueness, you will realize that each individual considers himself unique and unmistakable from others. The equivalent happens when individuals go to purchase items. They need their things to be novel from the remainder of the market. A custom box can give them the possibility of qualification. It is adjustable and is available in different choices with respect to introductions. Organizations are utilizing it as a commitment and publicizing device just to get the fulfilment of clients. Brands are in any event, printing it with exceptional and explicit subtleties of their items. Subtleties will tell the crowd how the item inside a custom box is exceptional and particular.

Effect of custom subjects:

Powerful utilization of graphical show while utilizing custom bundles is gainful in drawing in clients. On the off chance that you even investigate old brown boxes, you will realize that they can’t betterly affect the intended interest group. That is the place where adaptable packaging is assisting different brands to get alluring introductions. The subject of an item enclose that is amazing each visual viewpoint will tell the crowd how one of a kind the item inside will be. They judge the nature of a thing from the packaging that is around it. This is the place where wide quantities of custom subjects for custom bundles come in. They give a ton of alternatives in subject printing, design shows, and connecting with delineations. An engaging and moving topic of a custom box opens an entryway for clients for organizations.

Quality can be alluring:

A definitive target of each business is to give their clients quality items and save them for quite a while. Quality can be of different structures like execution, life span, and convenience. It is one of the top assumptions for clients to profit of a great thing. Custom bundles give quality packaging to important things with the goal that clients can be dazzled. They accompany great printing and putting away abilities. They can give out high-goal printing results that can uphold motivation buying in any business. Indeed, even with different customization choices, they are successful in putting away items securely for quite a while. Their capacities and characteristics can be the motivation behind why clients can have a superior picture of the items that they contain.

Hand crafted boxes are ideally suited for introducing a wide range of item classes. Their adequacy with respect to capacity and presentations make them flexible packaging arrangements. They additionally let organizations become ready to address them through their item bundles.

Benefits of Manufacturing Packaging

“Packaging is a product’s best friend.”

You have heard this phrase very often when people speak about packaging. But let me share an interesting fact with you that it is just not diamonds. Ranging from genuine paper to applying coating and even printing options, Packaging has been adored and admired by folks in all periods.

Some people consider manufacturing packaging just as a cosmetic and food products, but if you go further, you’ll be surprised to know that putting on precious packaging is more than an accessory. In fact it comes with numerous subtle and delightful insights. In this blog, I am going to share with you some of the most compelling and astonishing benefits of manufacturing packaging that drive from giving pure and unique packaging.

custom printed boxes solution

Maintaining Your Health:

Speaking of health, it can make some people wondrous but it is a true fact that manufacturing packaging can leave a healthy impact upon your health. It actively plays a role in maintaining health. Now let’s take a look at how it works:


Coating is best for your boxes, safe to pack for all packaging product types. Coating option is the only good that leaves the best effects on your product packaging. Moreover , it is the well known printing colors that assists in shiny. Printing confidently provides the best shiny results on your products. This is the reason people from the past and present prefer to manufacture cute packaging.


Along with holding the privilege of cute printing, packaging owes incredible health benefits. Manufacturing packaging actively regulates the temperature as it is considered the best environmental packaging. Packaging is antimicrobial tracking the flu and skin diseases and also used to treat them in many cases. Moreover, it protects the body from harmful radiations surrounding the environment.

Gloss and Matte:

Speaking of gloss and matte, apart from other printing options, it is anti-inflammatory which means that putting on shine causes a reduction in packaging pain and brings relief to certain people feeling from bad packaging design.

So these are some benefits of using unique gloss and matte attributed to packaging design. Now, let’s just take a look at some social benefits associated with applying precious packaging styles.

Flaunting The Best Of Your Personality:

Choosing and applying the perfect style of packaging flaunts the best part of your personality. Precious packaging of assembled cosmetics and food products can leave a long-lasting impression on the people you meet on a regular basis or on strangers you meet for the first time. When you pack the brilliantly matched packaging accessory with your outfit, you showcase your personality in a distinctive way. You let the people acknowledge your true self.

Highlighting Your Features:

One of the most ancient and notable social benefits of applying perfectly assembled precious printing options is to beautifully highlight your certain packaging parts and features. However, it depends upon the printing which part one wants to highlight. For example, if you want to highlight your style more than your design, try using unique packaging like the best style of cosmetics and if you want your packaging style to be prominent, try applying sparkling packaging. In any case, using packaging highlights your packaging features making you notable in the crowd.

Living The Prestige:

Now becoming an affordable luxury, using the packaging demonstrates your social status and class. For modern-day people, looking at cute packaging is more like a symbol flaunting their social status and standard. By confidently putting on the crown of femininity, most folks prefer to pack your products with the best styles.

Buy From The Best:

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Which Smart Packaging are attractive and Most Popular for Cosmetics and Foods?

Speaking of the top packaging trends today, smart packaging is one of the most conspicuous and elegant styles of packaging for all cosmetics and foods. Cosmetics, a form of packaging worn around the product, is the delightly and subtly collected by lovers. Being the most ancient form of an artistic expression, this packaging accessory is attributed to signifying vibrant aspects of distinctive cultures of all periods and eras. 

Exceedingly attractive and easiest to be worn around a product, an eye-catching packaging retains powerful influence to decorate the style of a cosmetic or a food. A packaging accessory that is even so mesmerizing and captivating that oftenly people make the selection of the outfit to match it with their dearest cosmetics and food.  

Smart Packaging Cosmetics and Foods

Being the most exciting and seductive part of packaging, cosmetics and food oftenly melt down when it comes to selection of cosmetics and food from a wide array of designs and trends. 

For the purpose to solve this complexion and to make you look differently and beautifully apart from the crowd, we have sifted out some of the exquisite and intricate precious popular packaging designs for cosmetics and food. Let’s take a look at them:

Cream Packaging Boxes 

Cream boxes being the oldest and ancient form of style is still admired and adored in modern day packaging. Boxes manufactured many distinctive artistic ways to design the packaging into cream products making it classy and visually appealing.

Mentioning the best paper materials used, it is available in 14pt,18pt and 18pt and of 24pt with the best coating perfectly assembled reflecting shiny sparkles.

Eyeliner Packaging Boxes: 

Eyeliner boxes are yet elegant with brilliantly manufactured personalized beautiful designs. Best styles engraved in a cream product demonstrates specific interests, hobbies, admiration and aspirations of the packaging

Excellently manufactured with great perfection, most of the eyeliner boxes are assembled with personalized designs such as eyeliner styles, and many more. Available in different sizes and base materials, they are ever eye-catching and visually appealing.

Eyeliner packaging can be utilized most by people to strengthen their bond with their loved ones.

Be it a lovely heartly message for your customers or make it a promise note for your smart cosmetics can serve as both best women or best girls. 

To increase your bonding with your loved ones, good eyeliner in different designs are perfect to give as a gift to your loved ones.  

Speaking of the base material of eyeliner styles, these are made with the best paper, be it 24pt or 18pt are preferred. As appling the coated options are considered to leave an influencing impact and classy standard appearance. 

Foundation Packaging Boxes

Foundations are one of the most popular attractive collections that attract most women and girls. As it is the most expressive form demonstrating love to yourself or to your loved ones, these Foundation for women are most adored. 

Having a base of cosmetics, most of them are genuine coated or available in high quality printing. Being a perfect example of a brilliant manufacturer, these are considered the most when to give it as a gift on wedding or engagement. 

Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

Collection of hair extensions are mostly adored by girls. Because the hair extensions for girls have a cute and dainty charming appearance, it sets up as one of the popular trends in modern times.

The Design concept behind the hair extension demonstrates hope, love and rebirth, the process of change in life. Most of the buyers understand and appreciate the concept of using this hair extension.

Having a base of hair extension, Packaging are genuine coated or available in different designs. Perfectly manufactured and some are filled with printing options that reflect a true visual appearance.  

Hairspray Packaging Boxes

People admiring the big celestial nature of this universe love these hairspray as it is popular among women. The cute dainty appearance of these hairspray packaging makes you feel a part of something big or huge. Being a part of nature, the shiny appearance of the moon, sun and stars makes your life shine just like them.

Made up of  coating or genuine printing, these are the perfect example of brilliant manufacture.

Lip Gloss Packaging Boxes

Mentioning the lip gloss, these are abundantly applied as they are simple and retain a perfect fit on any lips. Styled in distinctive lip gloss, these lip gloss are popular among women or girls.

Speaking of the material of paper packaging, these are made with high quality material, be it 24pt or 18pt are preferred or of lip gloss packaging.

Where You Can Buy These Popular Packaging Cosmetics and Food?

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How Packze Cookie Box Packaging compares with all the Leading Brands

The global market of packaging was rated for 589.9 billion dollars in 2015, and hopefully will reach the figure of 805.4 billion dollars by 2021. Packaging demand is constantly increasing due to change in consumption habits and pandemic situation due to COVID-19 has also give a tendency to use safe, hygienic and strong packaging. Our eating style has accommodated according to the new standards of eating and living through packaging. Nowadays people demand the three basic qualities in packaging, especially when we talk about unique food packaging solution, hence these are ease of use, convenience and easy to handle to transport and ship. And the marketers also look towards that packaging which has longer shelf life.

cookie packaging wholesale

Packze and other Packaging Companies in the World 2021


Packze is a vast and emerging packaging company which provides the best packaging solutions, it has a huge variety of packaging like from strong to flexible according to customers need. They provide packaging boxes in food and beverage, medical, cosmetics, gift, gaming etc. Packze was founded in 2021 at Pandelela, Wyoming, USA. Packze is currently providing its services in USA and Canada but we will soon reach the entire globe to serve the whole world. Packze have advance printing machines along with our great designing team which will help you in making a great design beyond your expectations. Packze makes cardboard boxes which are completely eco-friendly, means they are bio-degradable and can be decompose easily and hence can be recycled. They have 24/7 customer support service to help you out in any trouble. And the delivery time is 6 to 12 working days to reach your doorstep. They provide best custom packaging boxes of all kinds and designs according to your style, design, shape and size.


Amcor is a packaging company, which provides a number of packaging types, like they provide firm and flexible and intermediate all kind of packaging in food, cosmetic and medical boxes etc. It has Australian roots and have a huge impact on global market. Amcor is Multinational company which provides you all kinds of packaging in paper/cardboard. They make eco-friendly packaging, which means it is decomposable, hence giving no harm to environment. Amcor gives you packaging of any shape, design and size.


Ball industries gives you special metal packaging in food, drinks and home products etc. They have commercial customers both local and government. The corporation was founded in 1880, and they have a broad network in which over 15000 employs work worldwide. The company also trade on New York Stock Exchange Market having a ticker symbol of BLL. Ball provides all kinds of cans, like from beverage to food and pants to chemical, all type of products can fit in these packaging of metal.


Mondi is an international company especially for paper packaging, having employs over 25000 in 30 countries around the globe. They operate in Russia, Europe, North America and South Africa currently and willing grow it further. Mondi company is highly involved in Packaging and paper production, managing forests and producing pulp for the paper also produce compound plastic for the development and progress of packaging industry thus providing packaging solutions for customers.


The company is leading in glass container packaging, they are expert in crafting sustainable, pure and for the brand exposure through glass packaging. Owens Illinois provides it glass packaging services for food and beverages companies mostly. They give the highly quality glass packaging for wine, beer, soda drinks, spirits, food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics etc.

Berry Plastics

Berry Plastics is a packaging company which has a huge contribution in product innovation and development and strategic growth. The company is located in Evansville Indiana, they are working worldwide and is a multi-billion-dollar corporation and it is more of a consulting company which provides Packaging protection solutions. They give proper consultant due to the experience of many years with the help of experts present in their respective field. Berry Plastics have successfully helped a lot of companies, which are multinational nowadays due to their precise and accurate advice.


Rexam is a global leading company, which provides beverage metal can manufacturing services in the four main areas as North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East. They make metal cans for all kind of drinks and beverage for many multinational brands across the globe. Rexam have good infrastructure for manufacturing of metal cans, they have many branches in many countries. They make good quality sheets from which the cans made. Rexam make cans for many types of beverages like wine, alcoholic, non-alcoholic, soda drinks, spirits, tequila shot and food cans also made, and there is vast variety of foods you can pack inside these metal cans to preserve food.

Top Packaging Guidelines for Customers

Packaging is the technology and art of protecting products for storage, distribution, and transportation, etc. Packaging is also helpful in designing, selling, and end-user, which is the customer. Packaging cooperates in preparing goods for transport, warehouse storage, logistic operations, retail sale, and the end-user. Packaging protects and preserves your stuff/goods from environmental factors. Many big companies use packaging to give their product to the end-user.

Ancient Packaging

Let’s look at the old way of sending goods with the help of packaging. They typically used bronze wine containers in the 9th century BC. But before that, people were using wooden boxes, wooden barrels, woven bags, pottery vases, baskets of reeds, etc. As the people went towards processing materials, glass and bronze vessels were made. The first time, in Asia, paper sheets  were created by mulberry bark to wrap food by the Chinese in the first and second centuries. In Europe usage of paper-like materials were used by Romans as low-grade recycled papyrus for packaging incense. In 1035, paper for the packaging of dates was used when a Persian traveler was visiting the markets in Cairo. Egypt noticed that hardware, spices, and vegetables were packed in the paper for the end-user means customer.

Modern Packaging

Now have a look at the modern style or way of packaging. The use of tinplate for the packaging of dates was back in the 18th century. Tinplate was manufactured by the monopoly of bohemia for a very long period. In 1667, English Engineers Andrew Yarranton and Ambrose Crowley gave the method, further improved by ironmasters like Philip Foley. And John Hanbury makes Pontypoole Plates  at Pontypool with the help of a rolling mill. The rolling iron plates were much better in producing uniform black leaves using cylinders than the former method of hammering. In 1725, Tinplate boxes were for the first time sold at the ports of Bristol Channel. Tinplate was shipped to export. And in 1805, a total of 80000 boxes were made, and 50000 were exported.

When Nicholas Appert discovered the crucial function of airtight packaging to preserve food, then in 1810, tin canning by an England businessman Peter Durand was patented. When he gets the patent (It’s an intellectual property granting property to an inventor given by a sovereign authority, this gives the legal right to the owner to eliminate or exclude other peoples for a short period for making, selling, or using an invention caused by him but in return or exchange of public disclosure of story.), Durand himself didn’t use the method of canning food, but in 1812 he sold the patent to John Hall and Bryan Donkin, and they further made it better in processing and production. They built a canning factory in London. In 1813 they were the first to produce canned goods for the Royal Navy. This progress invented the can opener in 1855.

 In 1839, Modern folding cartons were first used, and the use of set-up boxes was 16th century before. In 1817 corrugated box was for the first time commercially produced in England. In 1890 pre-cut paperboard boxes were invented by Robert Gair, which are flat pieces of paper board that fold into a package and can be quickly produced in bulk. In 1844, for the first time, commercial paper bags were made in Bristol, England. American Francis Wolle also has paper bags with a patent machine which was automatic in 1852.

In the early 20th century, improvements such as Bakelite on bottles, panels on cartons, transparent cellophane overwraps, etc., refined the processing and efficiency of packaging, thus increasing food safety or preservation. In addition, several synthetic materials like aluminum and many other types of plastics were improving the packaging to preserve and protect.

Michigan University offered Packaging Engineering in 1952.

Later on, packaging development was initially military use only. Some of the packaging was the same as the packaging for the general industry. There were problems related to packaging faced in global war that gave Military Standard or “mil-spec” thus; policies were made to regulate the packaging process leading toward “Military Specification Packaging.” And according to the statistics of 2003, the packaging domain was about 2 %of GNP(Gross National Product) in the developed countries. Nearly half of the packaging stuff was linked to food packaging. In 2019,  the market cap of the global packaging industry was around 303.26 billion USD. Hence, the increasing demand for food packaging by customers has made it more emerging and profitable due to changes in people’s eating habits, creating a significant impact on the global market.

Packaging Types

There are three basic types of packaging, which include primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. But packaging can be of different types. Like, transportation packaging, distribution packaging, retail packaging, etc. These can be shipped in a shipping container to store, ship, and handle the product and inner contents. Moreover, the packaging can be differentiated based upon the product for packaging, such as medical equipment packaging, cookie packaging boxes with bulk, chemical packaging, drug packaging, Edible packaging, corps equipment packaging, Pharmacy packaging, etc. Apart from that, there are three main types of packaging as described earlier, given below.

  • Primary packaging is the first material that holds the package/product itself, just like enveloping the stuff. This could be wrapping sheets, bubble wrappers, shredded paper, etc. It has direct contact with the contents present in the package. This is a most negligible unit of distribution.
  • Secondary packaging is wrapping the primary packaging; hence, it is outside primary packaging used for primary grouping packaging and preventing pilferage.
  • Tertiary packaging is used for the packaging of the bulk of packages, also called transit packaging. Usually, we see warehouse storage and transport shipping, etc. These are big cartons that hold several items/products that can be placed inside big containers for further shipping. 

These categories can change somehow by random choice. Like, shrink wrap can be used as primary packaging when you directly apply it to the product. When you combine smaller packages, they can be categories in secondary packaging. Tertiary packaging is when you cooperate in distribution by affixing a bunch of cartons on a pallet.

Hence, in a nutshell, there are three basic levels of packaging you should need to be aware of, which include primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging. As we can see, each packaging group contributes to protecting and preserving, hence preventing spoilage or physical damage during storage and shipping. Now let’s take a look at each of these levels in detail, such that you can be able to differentiate between these levels when you are making your packaging plans.

Primary Packaging

Primary packaging is that material that makes direct physical contact with the product or contents of the product. Primary packaging usually refers to consumer or retail packaging. This level of packaging has two main crucial functions. The first is to give a significant amount of protection to protect the product, such as providing air-tight barrier protection to keep out moisture or by cushioning to prevent physical damage/impact. The second is to provide information or details about the product’s uses and features etc. This allows us to differentiate between the products while looking at the packaging efficiently; for instance, nutrition facts labels are often seen on food containers. There are many examples of primary packaging, but the most common examples are cans for beverages and food, and the other is pill blister packs. All of these packaging shows primary packaging because they have direct contact with the product. As we know, cans and pill blisters are often put into cartons and other big boxes to create bundles of products, through which we come to the next level of packaging given below.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging is the next level of packaging after primary in which provides another level of protection commonly seen for security, marketing, and bundling purposes. The secondary packaging is often used in combining or packing items together, like a box that holds many cans of beverage in a pack altogether. So here, the cans are primary packaging, and the box which contains these cans together is secondary packaging. This packaging is usually fancy and charming to attract the customer. In secondary packaging, typically, you can see high-quality branding, logos, and images of the brand. Secondary packaging significantly impacts your sales numbers because customers see the secondary packaging first while shopping. Hence, the more attractive and problem-solving secondary packaging will look, the more chances a customer might buy your product. When you see the packaging of a particular product has changed, in most cases, it’s secondary packaging because it gets a lot of customer attention.

Tertiary Packaging

Tertiary packaging is way different from others because it is for protection during storage and shipping, which usually can’t be seen by the customer. Hence, you don’t need to make it very attractive or appealing, and many companies use minimalistic design at this level of packaging. In addition, tertiary packaging gives you easy handling during shipping and storage.

Tertiary packaging can be of any size based upon the product being packed. For example, it could be a large box containing your small containers together to a full pallet along with a stretch wrap keeping it together. In tertiary packaging, products must be combined tightly and firmly, providing the necessary protection during transportation. In addition, there can be rough conditions in which security must be an essential thing to look after during storage and shipping. Thus the product can go to the final destination without any damage.

Now you have complete knowledge of the primary three levels of packaging, so you can easily see which group is essential for your product. Each level protects, preserves and presents your products for the end-user.

The Purposes of Packaging

One of the primary purposes of packaging is to protect the product and its contents from damage during storage, handling, and shipping/transportation by making it firm to endure harsh conditions. The product remains in the packaging throughout its journey from the logistics chain to the end-user or customer. So, the packaging must protect the product from light, heat, moisture, physical damage, or other external factors. Hence there are many different purposes given below.

Physical Protection

The product wrapped in packaging must need protection from vibration, heat, light, compression, moisture, electrostatic discharge, and other environmental factors. For that reason, the packaging must be strong, agile, and resistant to endure harsh conditions, hence saving the product until its final destination.

Branding and Positioning

In packaging, logos, labels, and images have more importance than before because the traditional way was to post an ad on TV, Posters and Magazines, etc. But nowadays, due to the rise of the digital world and TV, we now have social media and the internet through which you can show your brand to your targeted audience. So, in the digital world, apart from the traditional way, the branding and positioning of your logos, labels and images, and text must be attractive and appealing.

Barrier Protection

Barrier from moisture, dust, gases, heat, and spoilage is always required. Some of the packagings have oxygen absorbers, desiccants by which they help increase the product’s shelf life. Permeation is also one of the crucial factors in designing and manufacturing. In food packaging, most of the time, modified or controlled atmospheres are sustained or maintained to prevent the food from spoilage, such as keeping it fresh and safe. A barrier is also significant in those products where segregation occurs of two materials till in the end-use where you have to mix it and use it within a short period like special paints, medical fluids, glues, bonding materials, etc.


Contents of the product are typically grouped tightly and firmly for storage, selling, and transportation. Like one box for 100 pens requires less space and physical handling than 100 pens in separate packages. Hence stuff like powder, granular materials, liquids, and gases must need containment to store.


On the packages of a particular product, through labels and text, there is a lot of information about how to transport, dispose of, use and store the product along with and without packaging. Industries like food, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, sports, etc., give the information according to government legislation—some of the packaging and labels or tags used for track and trace. Many products have information about their batch number, serial number, expiry/best before and composition, and how to use it. This information is usually in a brief form.


The packaging must be convenient for handling, distribution, stocking, sale, display, opening, closing, usage, recycling, reusing, and disposal during design. In addition, the packaging should be easy to handle for both children and adults.


Marketing strategies and designs used by marketers by consultation can attract customers to buy their products. Graphical designing and physical shape, size, weight are some critical factors for a high sales rate. Marketing strategy along with graphic designing on the packaging makes good exposure on the buyer. By designing and labeling, packaging gives the user/customer brand moto or message and provides a brief description of the product.


Packaging is vital in terms of security during shipping and distribution. Over the research and development of decades, packaging has improved a lot; such tamper-resistant materials have been made; in case of tampering, tamper-evident features indicate if tampering has taken place. Packaging has been improved with the help of engineering, which reduces the risks related to packaging pilferage or stealing of contents of the product. Some packaging is more resistant than others due to quality differences; some packaging has pilferage-indicating seals.

Packaging Machines

When deciding to buy packaging machinery, one must have technical capabilities. We also require labor, maintenance, reliability, worker safety, land, capital cost, flexibility, energy consumption, quality of packaging, etc. Packaging machinery comes in multiple options to buy. You can purchase it at a standard rate or custom-made machinery custom-tailored to specific operations, or it can be manufactured and modified by house engineers or maintenance staff.

Packaging machines can be of different types; let’s have a look at some. There are Accumulating and collating devices available; with the help of this machine, one can use it throughout the finishing industry because it can make pages automatically rather than making them manually, hence automating the process. With this machine, you can quickly sort papers by hand, which increases your work efficiency. Blister, skin, and vacuum packaging machines are also available for packaging. Blister pack sealer used for packaging toys, scrubber, dry fruits, etc. You can use different types of plastic sheets like PVC, PP, and PE. These machines can be easily manipulated.

Bottle and bottle caps machines, also significant in the beverage industry. You can provide your drinks to your customers, and it is a very profitable business. Box, case, tray, packing, and sealing machines are also valid for packaging. Cartooning machines are fundamental, and big companies also own these machines and small companies or startups take help from other companies who provide these services. Printing, stamping machines are used in printing and labeling the brand logo and product details. There are feeding, orienting, and placing machines mainly used for the livestock business. Filling machines are essential for filling liquid, gas, powder, and viscous products. Every industry requires filling apparatus according to their respective field. Pallet-making machines are also very useful in making pallets. Sealing machines are essential for closing the products like washing powder, snacks, dry powder milk, chips, etc.

Environmental considerations

The packaging industry is vast, and there are some aspects to be considered like environmental responsibility, recycling regulations. For that purpose, we must look at the life cycle of packaging, how the material used for packaging is made, and after processing used for packaging and then the decomposition process. Primarily the packaging material is used to manufacture a particular product. We need machinery and resources to make a bunch of cloth into the required form through that process. Cardboard packaging sheets are primarily used in packaging. Cardboard is made up of paper which can be easily made. Paper is recyclable, which means that it is eco-friendly. The paper must be made of good quality to ensure that it can endure heat, moisture, and physical damage. 

The rule of “three R’s” is to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and this is a part of the waste hierarchy which also plays an essential role in packaging and product development. For keeping the environment clean and healthy, waste management and waste prevention are necessary. So, packaging needs to be used where required. Packaging is crucial for the product because it prevents damage to the contents of the product. Proper packaging is also helpful in waste prevention. The packaging’s size, shape, and volume must be measured to minimize the package through designing. Through the reduction of high packaging costs also minimizes. For that reason, packaging engineers are also working on reducing packaging. You can reuse the packaging until it’s in good condition to prevent waste. Also, returnable and reusable packaging is good economically, thus reducing the cost of making new ones. A typical paper can be reused five times before becoming garbage. Packaging can recycle cardboard boxes especially. Recycling is a process in which reprocessing materials used in packaging are usable again. This is a process of converting waste materials into functional materials, thus preventing waste of those materials, which can be helpful and reducing the need for fresh raw materials. Through this process, energy consumption, air pollution from Incineration, and water pollution from landfilling are reduced, saving our environment. The government regulates the disposal or Incineration of toxic waste materials, which can instead contaminate the soil, resulting in spoilage. The government specifies unique landfill spots to throw the waste materials. 

Good Packaging

Designing packaging is equally crucial as the product because it gets customers’ attention and attracts them, also giving information about your brand and buying your products. Here are some ways or things are given below to keep in mind for a good packaging strategy.

Retail Needs

Primarily to designing, it’s crucial to know about the needs of retailers. You must look at the shopping data and which packaging is suitable for storage and looks good on store shelves. What type of designs sell more? In addition to that, a designer team must know about these strategies, such as rate of sales, shelf dimensions, a distance of travel, warehouse system, pallet weight, height, and types, etc.


Style plays an essential role in packaging and sales, so it is crucial to have good attention to styling. In media ads, shopping malls, and grocery stores, we see that the big brands always have a high quality of design and style on their product to attract customers. In styling, don’t try to fill every available space on the packaging. Design should be neat, clean, and meaningful.


Good packaging must need to be convenient, such that packaging should be made so that the product can be quickly shipped and stored and make it easier to handle for the customers. The shape and size of the packaging have to be adorable and convenient for both retailers and customers to store in shop and home, respectively. Designing should be in such a way that it can be reusable.  


People are more conscious about the environment than ever before due to increasing industrialization and global warming. Therefore, packaging must be biodegradable and decompose-able, like paper sheets packaging. It is eco-friendly because it can decompose and be recycled, resulting in less waste and a healthy and safe environment.  


Packaging should have good communication with the user or customer. Details should be brief and meaningful, such that they tell the user how to use it and how to dispose of the packaging. In addition, packaging must tell brand moto and about the product, information must be problem-solving and consulting.